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Computer running very slow after installing McAfee Security

I purchased a new laptop that came with a 30-day free trial of McAfee; the free trial ends this month. Last week I purchased a one year subscription. Ever since I downloaded the security suite, my laptop has been running very slow. When I log in to Windows Mail, it takes so long for my messages to download, it times out. Today when I tried to download some drivers, it timed out also because it was running so slow. I'm also experiencing slow Internet browsing. I thought it could have been the McAfee SiteAdvisor, so I disabled that; but, it's not just the Internet that's slow, it's my whole computer.

My system worked fine with the program that came with the laptop. Can someone help me with this?
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RE: Computer running very slow after installing McAfee Security

Please clarify the below:
1. What is the operating system that you use?
2. Please specify your computer’s configuration as well (Minimum 256 MB RAM required)
3. Make sure you don’t have any other security programs installed in the computer, if so uninstall them (E.g: Norton, Trend Micro, Spy Blaster etc…)
4. Also specify the version of McAfee programs that’s installed currently.
5. How did you install the new version of McAfee, did you remove the older version completely that came along with the computer, if not run McAfee Removal Tool and then reinstall McAfee.
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