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Computer not protected

Hi can someone please help me and tell me why my McAfee total protection is saying my computer is connected to a network that is not trusted, i dont know if a warning came up as i was having problems connecting to the internet this morning so my son may have done this by accident.I dont know how i re-connect to a trusted network so can anybody help PLEASE,,,, THANKS  jomaria

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Re: Computer not protected

Hi jomaria,

Can you please provide the following information such as,

What is the type of your internet connection ? (dsl/cable/wireless)

Open security cetner and let me know whether it states "Am I protected YES" or "Your computer is secure"


Dinesh K

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Level 7

Re: Computer not protected

I have received 4-5 notices that my computer is not fully protected recently. Is there something I can do to prevent this from happening?

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