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Computer is Not Protected Message

Just recently installed Internet Security 2009. Each time I start my computer and open the McAfee Security Center, the protection status indicates that I am not protected and that the problem needs to be FIXED.

After I press FIX, it indicates that:
1.) Identity Protection is not installed
2.) Spam Protection is not installed
3.) Content Blocking is not installed
4.) Security Issue with network.

Any idea as to the cause? I using Internet Security 2009 Version 13.11.102
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RE: Computer is Not Protected Message

I get a similar problem. I tell it to FIX and it comes back with a message that says one or more errors have occurred. Thinking that I have a virus, I tried to run the scan, but it also says that there is an error and won't start the scan. I tried to run the virtual technician and it also comes back with errors that it can't correct. I eventually found that if I manually tell it to update that it solves the problem. However my problem is that this has occurred three times within a week and I want to know why it keeps failing to update. I've had McAfee for about a year and this has only happened once before and that was 6+ months ago. Every time that this happens my computer will freeze and I'm forced to hard shutdown. I want to know why all of a sudden it's having problems updating? Also why does the FIX button not FIX the problem?
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