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Computer at Risk

Hi, I am using a XP Home Service Pack 3 with McAfee Internet Security.  This happened recently as I always manually check for updates by right clicking on the shield and select Check for Updates.  After the whole process of Checking for Updates, Downloading Updates and Installing Updates and saying that it was installed successfully.  The green bar at the top that says your computer is secure changed to your computer is at risk and there was a red exclamation mark on the McAfee shield in the bottom right of my screen.  Since I was still staring at the page that says Updates Installed Successfully with the Blue Done button, I clicked the Done button to see what might have been turned off.  After I clicked the Done and I was taken to the "Home Page" of McAfee Internet Security, the Red bar changed back to the Green saying my computer is secure.

So I am wondering was my computer really at risk or is this a small graphical glitch or maybe a hiccup in the program?

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Re: Computer at Risk

Just wonder do you reboot your computer after updates run? I reboot mine at least once a day and have had no issues such as yours.

You can get another opinion concerning your McAfee installation by running the McAfee Virtual Technician. MVT is found at the top of this page under Useful Links within the Technical Support link. MVT will scan your McAfee software for any issues and will let you know if it it finds any and will attempt to fix them for you.

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Re: Computer at Risk

No, I don't reboot my computer after updates because McAfee doesn't say that it needs to be restarted since the updates were just DAT files for the Anti-Virus.

Not, only that but I noticed that with my Vista computers, sometimes during the Checking for Updates or Downloading Updates step, the Green Bar would change to the Red "Computer at Risk" bar and then in 3 seconds it changes back.  This is why I asked if this is a graphical glitch or not, since I have never had the Green Bar change to Red after the updates were done installing.

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Re: Computer at Risk

I have the exact same problem.

I have automatic updates switched on ...but in the past 2 -3 weeks, I'm now getting the exclamation mark saying my computer is at risk.

I run a manual 'check for updates' - it checks, I get a green tick and then seconds later, it's back to the exclamation mark.

If I can be bothered and run manual update over and over again, it eventually goes green.

Not impressed.

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Re: Computer at Risk

Hi there,

Please run the McAfee virtual technician . Almost half of the product related issues could be resolved by running MVT from here :

Also, if you have a different security software installed on the PC , it suggested to remove them well in prior before running MVT for better results


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