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Completely lost

Hello all,

I have a few questions. I have attempted, on multiple occasions, to contact McAfee Tech Support via chat as well as phone. All, and I do mean all, of my attempts have been met with uncertainty, confusion and misleading information on the part of McAfee so-called Tech Support. This is real and honest feedback. Please allow me to explain.

1. Firstly, unrelated to my above statement, I don't see any (apparent) reference to "Total Protection" in this forum. Please clarify why it's not clearly listed.

2. The main question that I have been asking but no one at McAfee (Phillipines sales, India tech support, etc) has been able to answer is this:

Does Total Protection 2009 (3-user license) allow the installer / administrator to manually add and remove programs, files, etc. from the Trusted Program list?

McAfee Security Center >> Advanced menu >> Configure >> Computer & Files >> System Guards >> Click Advanced button >> Trusted Lists

Apparently, the answer is NO. The apparently lack of this feature / ability in Total Protection 2008 and 2009 is very frustrating. In searching Google, I found many other administrators expressing the same frustration. Amidst all of that, I believe within this very forum, I read posts by McAfee Forum Admins who stated that the ability to manage the Trusted Lists was removed at some point ... and that McAfee was aware of the frustration and was likely to add it back into the product PRIOR TO the release of Microsoft IE8. Well, it's Aug 2009 and their 2009 Total Protection suite remains without this feature.

With that said, I have legitimate applications running in my office that McAfee is now regarding as PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) and therefore placing them in quarantine. This is a major issue for me, specifically because McAfee doesn't provide the means to rectify.

3. During this adventure, I realized that it's not apparant whatsoever to determine the version of Total Protection one has installed. While McAfee online clearly refers to this product with the YEAR in the title, NO WHERE inside the installed-and-running product can one find reference to the year. WHY the smoke and mirrors, McAfee?

I am frustrated with this product. This forum is my last resort in seeking answers to the questions I've been pursuing.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Note that I am currently running Vista Ultimate with Total Protection 2009 installed, at the time of this posting.
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RE: Completely lost

hello haynus_canalay,

Total protection question are answered in Security center 2009 thread, and regarding your second problem, well this is apparently a good thing that McAfee does not allow to add in trusted list manually, only it allows when it detects PUP (Potentially unwanted programs), this is good becuase the file you want to allow may be malicious or it may get infected in future, the best thing you can do is add to list when McAfee prompts you when it detects them, and also submit file to McAfee Avert labs..
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Thanks for the reply but your feedback is incorrect. There is no way to mark any program / file as "Trusted". Period - no exception.

Even more foolish of McAfee is this: You can RESTORE a previously-quarantined item .. only to have it re-quarantined during the next scan (automated or on demand).

McAfee's reply? Disable PUP (potentially unwanted program) scanning. Brilliantly suggestion, eh?

Thanks, nonetheless, for your feedback!
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RE: Untrue

Silverhawk's comment was on track what you missed was you are saying the program is yours and trustworthy why cannot I allow it. The way at the moment to do this is when detected zip the file up password it with password "infected" (no quotes) and email it to avert. When they say PUP in return email reply with details saying do further checking as it is not.

Avert will remove the detection if they agree.
see for submission

I assume your other queries rerring to TP issue answered if not TP is a group of programs issues are answered in the individual areas.

We ( the users and mods here) are trying to get Mcafee to add a trusted option and a do not scan option to the program. These issues are in a wish list I submitted to the beta 2010 team last week.
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