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CommandLine Scanner

Hi! I've bought a license of McAfee Internet Security and I've completely installed the McAfee Internet Security.
I want to scan some files and folders using ScheduledTask but i cant find where the command line scanner is.

In some topic i saw the VCLS tool for that purpose but i can't download that.

Help me please!Smiley Wink

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Re: CommandLine Scanner

Here you go

C:\Program Files\McAfee\MfeAV\mfeODS.exe /?

-- Scan Options --
/FULL - To perform a full scan
/CUSTOM - To perform a custom scan
/EXT .exe,.dll - Scan files with specified extentions
/ROOTKIT - To perform a rootkit scan

-- Help Options --
/? - For help menu
/HELP - For help menu


For custom scan:- mfeODS /CUSTOM c:\sample
For custom scan with extensions:- mfeODS c:\sample /EXT .exe,.txt
For full scan with extensions:- mfeODS /FULL /EXT .exe
For full scan with exclude extensions:- mfeODS /FULL /EXCLUDEEXT .dll
For full scan with exclude path:-:- mfeODS /FULL /EXCLUDEPATH c:\windows\