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Closing of a thread

Ex_brit (peter)

"At any rate this thread is old and belongs to someone else, so locking it. If anyone continues to have a problem and needs help, rather than just complain, please start your own "New Thread" in the appropriate area to the application or Security Center version you have installed.

Thank you. "

Why do you close a thread that people are blasting Mcafee for problems with their software. Where else do you think people can complain and inform people of the problems their having with their product?
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RE: Closing of a thread

Because that is my prerogative. Blasting McAfee belongs on independent forums or in a letter to headquarters (see About McAfee link at bottom of the page) not here. This is a forum to ask for help, not to air grievances.

Nuisance posters will be banned.

Just because some people aren't happy we can't allow them to take over the forum. Ask in a normal civilised way for help and we will give it, but don't come here with the sole intention of letting off steam as that will result in no help at all, and don't revive dead threads.

Believe me, it's happened before and no doubt will happen again.
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