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Checking Version Numbers

How can I check to make sure my husband's computer has the most recent version of the software? I run the updates, and the seem to run, but he keeps getting trojan viruses.

I have to run Spybot and MalWareBytes applications to clean the computer. Why? I expect the software that has been paid for to keep the compuer clean with no help. The only thing I can think of is that something is keeping the software for being updated correctly.

The computer is set up to automatically check for updates. The firewall is set up correctly.

I'm running Norton on my computer, and the exe gets updated regularly. No dll in the McAfee folder on my husband's computer has been updated since the end of October, and no files have been updated since November.

I am currently running MalWareBytes in full scan mode and it has found 30 trojans after an hour of scanning. I still have another hour to two before it is done and I can check McAfee again.

Any suggestions on what to do?
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to check for version and DAT file


to check for the mcafee version and of the DAT file...

please open mcafee security center>click on the about button on the lower right side>a window will appear containing the information you would like to have e.g. mcafee products installed and the versions...

a quick question though... is mcafee installed together with norton and other anti-virus/anti-spyware programs?

do you have any specific error when you try to update the mcafee manually?
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Looking at the about, it does look like the software is getting updated.

McAfee is on my husband's computer, Norton is on mine. MalWareBytes and SpyBot are on my husband's computer, but they are not resident. The versions are "run on demand".

I went through the options today and turned on a number of notifications. Hopefully, that will tell him when something is being installed from the internet. I don't know what's going on. He says he's being careful, but trojans and things like "Antivirus 2009" keep getting on his computer.

I can update McAfee and run scans. They come up clean. Then I run TrendMicro's Housecall or Malwarebytes checker and come up with 30-50 infected files. I'm not impressed with McAfee at all. It doesn't seem to stop or find anything.

I had enough problems with it that I gave up on it and went to Norton when I got my new computer. I'm thinking about having my husband buy something else when his subscription runs out. We'll see what happens with the notifications on.
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sorry to hear that


sorry to hear that...

malwarebytes should be able to detect the infection given by the rogue program antivirus 2009... however, one suggestion i could give you is to use superantispyware free tool... i personally find it effective at detecting spywares... you can get it here.

hopefully running superantispyware would detect and remove the infection... also try running a full manual scan using the free tools you have and mcafee in safemode...

hope this helps...
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