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Changing Name of Computer in Network

Does anyone know how to change the name of a computer in the network.  They are marked as either "friend" or "intruder" but I would like to give the IP address a name.  I have several connections and IP numbers are useless.  I would like to be able to atleast put Wii or Laptop 1 etc.

I have two connections with names on it,so there has to be a way to do this......

ALSO:  Is there a way to kick an intruder off your network????

Thanks - (I did try to searc the topic but did not find anything)


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Re: Changing Name of Computer in Network

You can't change the name in SecurityCenter.  The name reflects whatever name that particular machine has been given by its owner.

Also you can't kick someone off the network.  If you know the IP I guess you could block it in the firewall.  Or you could simply hide that item.

If you are not actually using the network then simply stop trusting it.

Sorry this took so long to get answered but it would have been noticed earlier had it been posted under whatever version of SecurityCenter you are using.

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