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Cant Re-install McAfee


Can anyone help.

I have followed Solution 3 on the email notification regarding the losing your internet connection. So i have unstalled my McAfree total protection but when i go to reinstall it i get a msg saying that there is either a problem with my internet or the McAfee download server is unavailable. I know that my internet connection is working as i can now access the internet, so i presume the problem is at the McAfee support end.

I have tried to contact support but i that isnt working either, (as the McAfee technical departure exploded due to the high demand?)


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Re: Cant Re-install McAfee

Did you run the MCPR cleanup tool (linked under Useful Links above) and was it successful?  If not run it again and then reboot.

Go to your account page and try again, the servers may simply be busy and why you got that earlier:

Technical Support is available by phone if you need them:

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