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Cannot update definitions

McAfee Security Center wants to fix detection signatures that are between 8 and 29 days old because I have not put my computer on-line for nearly two weeks. McAfee tries to do an automatic update, but the update does not finish downloading before my narrowband connection gets cut off. Having connected again, it all starts again, but the download never completes. It doesn't get beyond about 20% = 10MB, indicating that the total download is 50MB. (No download management within McAfee?)

I have therefore downloaded both sdat5439.exe and 5440xdat.exe to my computer using a download management application. But when I run either one, after starting and doing a few things, I get this error message:

Error: Unable to find any qualifying McAfee Product(s).

But I have McAfee Security Center 9 installed on my machine.

How do I get the definitions updated properly?
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RE: Cannot update definitions

It would appear that your ISP is limiting downloads, which is unfortunate but beyond McAfee's control.

You can't update the home products that way. The SDAT's are only for VirusScan Enterprise (Corporate) editions.

I had thought that the update servers were the same as the installer ones and did start up where they left off, but obviously that isn't the case. I've passed that on as a complaint.

Try this. Go to Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs (Programs/Uninstall a Program in Vista) and select your McAfee suite, whatever it is, for removal. Then select only VirusScan when the list presents itself. When VS is uninstalled, reboot and go to your account page and click on whatever your product is and use the "Customize" option to install only VirusScan.

That way, at least you will get the latest version..

The alternative is to uninstall everything and use the MCPR cleanup tool (in my signature) and then reinstall after a reboot.
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RE: Cannot update definitions

khs10uk, how did you get on? I was just on a conference call about the week's issues and this was one of them. I was assured that updates are supposed to resume from where they left off if there is an interruption. So it may behoove you to contact your ISP and ask them if they have some kind of throttling in place that cuts people off at a certain point.
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