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Cannot select SCAN from primary left-hand menu

I'm running "AT&T Security Suite" Powered by McAfee and cannot view scan results nor modify the scan.  I cannot tell what version of the product I'm running (can't find the Help/About).

There is a scheduled scan that runs in the wee-hours, but when it is complete and the Scan Complete window appears, I cannot view scan details nor fix the problem.

Whenever I select Scan from the left-hand menu, I wind up back at the Home panel.  I've tried in Basic and Advanced views with the same results.  This must have worked initially, since a scheduled scan runs in the early morning hours.

I've run the Virtual Technician several times with clean results.

I have this same version on my other two home pc's (one desktop, one laptop) and both are working as they should.

The pc with the problem is a Gateway 550GR, WinXP SP3.

I have not attempted a reinstall.


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Re: Cannot select SCAN from primary left-hand menu

When you ran MVT it gave you a report number. Can you post it here please?

When you open Security Center does the page display Am I Protected or does it display Your Computer Is Secure? This info will help us to identify which version you have.

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Re: Cannot select SCAN from primary left-hand menu

Moved to SecurityCenter 9 as he speaks of left hand menu and that was only in the old application.

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Re: Cannot select SCAN from primary left-hand menu

As Peter says you have the 2009 version. AT&T have not upgraded yet. To confim bottom right corner is there an About or Details link that shows you the versions?

I would suggest an uninstall reinstall as we all have the 2010 version and it is hard to remember the 2009 1. Your other PCs are fine so a uninstall reinstall would be the first thing I would try.

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