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Level 7

Cannot install security center

Every time I try to install I get this:

McAfee Integrated Security Platform Installer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
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Level 7

RE: Cannot install security center

If you previously had mcafee on that same PC;
1. try running first the mcafee removal tool (CLICK HERE for further info)

If this is the first time that you will download/install mcafee;
1. you should have at least XP or VISTA (CLICK HERE for further info for minimum system requirements in installing mcafee)
2. you should remove first other security programs before downloading/installing mcafee (CLICK HERE for further info)
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Level 7

no help

I have run the remval tool. I am running XP and meet the min req, and I have removed all other anti virus software.

Any other suggestions?
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Level 7

RE: no help

hi Cary and Kim,

please go to control panle, then open add or remove programs and check if you have MSXML 3 installed.

if it's not there please download and install it via the link below: simply download and install the file named msxml3.msi.

after installing it... run the mcafee removal tool and reinstall the software accordingly... post back if it resolves your issue... hope this helps...
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