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Cannot Use McAfee Total Protection Product as of 10-20-10


Please help.  I received an error that my pc is infected with viruses.  I have McAfee Total Protection on all my home pc and we cannot run a Virus Scan at all.  I keep receiving erro message "ERROR MESSAGE -  AN UNEXPECTED PROBLEM OCCURRED DURING YOUR SCAN. PLEASE CLICK OK TO GO BACK TO THE HOME PAGE AND TRY YOUR SCAN AGAIN."  However, I am unable to run any scan.  I contacted McAfee via the online chat  and was told to download SDAT6143 which will not install on my PC. It returns error message that I do not have a qualifying product.  However my subscription is very active.  I cannot run the Virtual Technican - It hangs up after running for 5-6 minutes at the decting a product phase.    This issue has also stopped all of my pc from doing the nightly scheduled scans.

Please advise how to correct this issue.


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Re: Cannot Use McAfee Total Protection Product as of 10-20-10

The technician was in error - SDAT's can only be installed in the Enterprise products.  I apologise for that.

Is that all they suggested?  I am very surprised and it might be a good idea to contact Technical Support Chat again and this time ask for escalation.

As you would have had to run the Virtual technician in order to contact Technical Support, what did it say?  Usually it can fix most problems.

Have you been using Registry Cleaners and Optimizers lately as this situation is typical of what happens when they are used?  Good files are trashed along with the not-so-good.

The best thing to do here is to uninstall everything in the normal manner via Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs (XP), Programs/Uninstall a Program (Vista/Win7) and then run the MCPR removal tool linked under Useful Links above and reboot.

Now reinstall your product directly from your online account.

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