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Can't save online files.

I recently bought Mcafee Antivirus Plus 2010 to replace my previous version of the software since my protection was about to expire (bought the actual disk due to past problems with buying the software online) and the update went just fine but now I can't download or save anything off the Internet. (I have Vista) If I click on a download link the preparation to download box pops up for a split second before disappearing and if I try to save a picture by using the "save picture as" function it says (Windows Internet Explorer, Access is denied) I have checked all my Internet settings and everything is enabled, Mcafee settings seem to be ok as well, and mcafee says that everything is up to date.

This person is having similar problems to me, but I don't have any issues with streaming videos, I am just not being allowed to download anything, this didn't start until right after I updated Mcafee so there aren't many other possibilities as to what is causing this...

I avoid all redX flagged sites and never go to a site when Mcafee redirects me due to any problems.

(I ran a full system scan to be safe, and it found nothing that was of any concern)

I just ran a test using a Youtube downloader program that has an Internet Explorer function and downloads work just fine in there so some security setting is messed up in my Windows Internet Explorer. I just have to find out what Mcafee changed when it was installed....

:further edit:
It seems that the problem has corrected itself, everything just started working properly yesterday....
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