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Can't install mcafee

i am trying to install mcafee on an old computer, downloading from the internet.  i have a license that allows me three.  I repeatedly get to the "restart" page.  It says it will continue afterwards.  I press the button and nothing happens.  When i manually restart it does not continue.  i have deleted the old mcafee using "Add/Remove".  I have tried to delete the "volatile" file in mcafee in the registry per this link:  No luck  Please help.

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Re: Can't install mcafee

First have you Internet Explorer and all windows updates installed up to date?

IE must be updated as McAfee uses it also have you another virus scanner installed such as Norton or paid versions of some malware scanners?

If you have remove them and for the Norton type scanners use their own removal tool to do it.

Remove McAfee or rather anything you have partly installed via the steps in the link in my signature below. Reboot and run

and reinstall from your account

If still an issue call tech support as per the link below for your country it is free.


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Re: Can't install mcafee

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Re: Re: Can't install mcafee

Running the PreInstall tool should do the trick because this is often caused due to Temporary files created by Previous Installation attempts. Please Follow steps indicated by Tony

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