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Can't download the IS 2009 I purchased online


My problem is that I can't download the program I purchased because the download button doesn't work.

I also called support but nobody picks up the phone!!!!!!

Please help.

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Re: Can't download the IS 2009 I purchased online

Try the technical support link in useful link tab top page. Go to Chat and try asking there. TRy that first and then the suggestions below

Not with standing that some thoughts

1 Did you have any antivirus programs before Mcafee if so remove them using their recommended removal tools.

2. try running the following before installing

The tool is lsted in our FAQ's under the Technical Support search option linked at top left iof this page.
Before doing this make sure Security Center is not open on your desktop.

  1. Download IERegFix.bat and save it to your desktop:
  2. If Vista, right-click and go to Properties and unblock. Click Apply and then OK.
  3. Locate IERegFix.bat on your desktop and double-click to launch.
  4. Once launched, you will be presented with press any key to continue. To execute, press any key on your keyboard.

    Note: This may take several minutes to complete.
  5. When it has finished, you will see Action complete. Press any key to close. Press any key on your keyboard to close the IERegFix.bat.
  6. Open McAfee SecurityCenter to see if the problem still persists.

I added # 2 myself.

Try the following. Go to IE7 Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and click the "Reset" button.
Close and re-open IE7.
You will have to re-enable your add-ons.

If you have Vista

IEREGFIX will not work on VISTA..

try this .. instead..


Download IEFix and run it.

Click the Apply button.

You'll be prompted for the Operating System CD or the Service Pack Files location if required:


Also run

try to run this tool first:

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Re: Can't download the IS 2009 I purchased online

Well,I don't know how but after trying may be 20 times somehow the button worked and I got what ı purchased online yesterday.

Guess it is just luck.


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Re: Can't download the IS 2009 I purchased online

Gees should have waited another minute so saved me posting that . Seems in your case the server might have been congested. Marking this as solved if that ok. Will leave other suggestions for other posters doing a search

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