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Can't activate my subscription

I recently purchased Interent Security Suite for my windows XP machine. I have had McAfee for a couple years and uninstalled before installing the new version with the CD. I had to uninstall/reinstall several times before the date woudl show up as being a current subscription and finally being asked to register the product. Now that I have registered the product, I keep getting a message to please activate my subscription. I even get an occasional red pop up that has as "activate" button, but it doesn't work. Messages keep appearing that say I am not protected. What can I do? How do I activate the subscription? Tech chat has been worthless to me as I have also tried that several times. They are telling me that I don't exist in the system with a current subscription.
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RE: Can't activate my subscription

What is the version of McAfee that you have installed in the computer, also could you please provide us with the email address that you are trying to activate/ register your McAfee programs?
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RE: Can't activate my subscription

Do not post the email address on this forums

If you wish to post munge it up to somethin like


a human will know to read it properly and remove the AT and DOT and NOSPAM...

this is in top prevent spam bots to Harvest your emails for spamming

additionally... could you try this step?

Is it a New CD Rom that you are using?
I assume that you are using the same old email address for the same suite (but new CD)... If I am correct

Run this and remove the McAfee
install and then use another email address to register (not the old one)
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RE: Can't activate my subscription

I'm having the same problem here (2009 w/Vista 32-bit, CD install over 2008 version). It does look as if it's updating, though. More of a nuisance than anything else. If I get motived I may try the suggested uninstall and fix down the road, but will live with it for now.
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Re: Can't activate my subscription

My McAfee Internet security subscription expired last week. I tried to install a new copy but although it seemed to work it continues to flash up subscription expired. It does not give me the option of entering the new product key.

I uninstalled the old version and tried to reinstall several times with no success

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