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Can't activate macafee on a second computer.

I bought macafee software and installed on my main computer, but I tried to install it on my laptop, and it keps tell me to activae it.

It fails everytime.Whats my problen

My computer is a HP laptop 512 ram 60 megs hd. Windows xp pro.


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Re: Can't activate macafee on a second computer.

I moved this to SecurityCenter 10 - 2010 as more appropriate than McAfee Community Feedback.

If you purchased this software within the last 30 days you have free phone support available viia the Technical Support link under 'Useful Links' at the top of this page.

They will fix the problem for you.

If it's beyond the 30 days then the online Chat (same link) is also free 24/7 and they are best equipped to fix it for you than trying on this forum.

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