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Bogus Automatic Renewal "Service"

I am furious and frustrated with McAfee right now, and would appreciate help from this forum since the customer service rep I've dealt with has been totally polite and UTTERLY USELESS.

Last night, I complied with an online notice to renew my McAfee virus protection. I typed in my credit card numbers and got a message saying I would be emailed a receipt.

The receipt never came, so I called customer service. I was told the receipt and instructions for installing my new service would arrive in 3-5 minutes. They did not. They still HAVE not, a day later.

I emailed customer service to complain, and sometime overnight received an email telling me to go to McAfee's site, log in to My Account and check My McAfee Products. When I do, I get a message telling me, RENEW. Which I've already done, and for which I've already been charged $74.19.

Tonight, I called McAfee customer service again. Again I was told I would be emailed a receipt showing I had paid for my renewal. Again, it did not arrive.

I also got instructions to install the protection I've purchased, and when I try to follow them, they fail. SIX TIMES SO FAR.

Nor can I connect with the McAfee virtual technician. SIX TIMES I have downloaded the McAfee Technician setup, and six times it has failed.

Twice, it appears that my computer is downlaoding the program. It installs a 56680KB file, claims to be removing previous versions, then requires a restart.

After that, it seems to scan my computer for threats, then gathers the download info. Then it says it's installing.

And THEN, I get a big red X and a "FAILED" notice for Security Center, Virus Scan, Firewall Protection and everything else.

I am losing my patience. My computer has now been unprotected for more than 24 hours, even though I am paying for protection. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Can anyone out there actually HELP????
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RE: Bogus Automatic Renewal "Service"

Customer Service is only a toll-free phone call away and they will sort it all out for you. The link is at the top of this page, second from left. Far quicker than dealing vie email.
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