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Blank screen once more

Bought an extension to a contract and tried to install McAfee Total Protection. No luck blank screen appeared. First tought it was bouncing with previous version so tried to uninstall but this was impossible. Next I found on this discusson forum this MCPR tool and that did the trick I could uninstall / remove all McAfee's programs out there did a reboot but again blank screen. Did same thing in safe mode but same result. I am really lost now. I also used Mac afee preinstall tool to check if laptop was ready to receive new software and no issue there.

I am running under windows 7.0 / Internet explorer 9.0 (9.0.11).

I know similar issue was raised by others but none of the suggested solutions did the trick.

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Re: Blank screen once more

I assume you mean the McAfee interface is blank?

Something in your system is causing it but it should be easily fixable.

Try solution #1 HERE.

If that fails I need more information, is Win 7 SP1 and fully updated?

What version of McAfee SecurityCenter is installed - open it and click About?


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