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Blank Screen On Security Suite Solved

I spent 6 hours installing Security Suite 2009 and wanted to share the solution with those that might be experiencing the same thing.

Solution has been tested with:

1) Windows XP with service pack 3 and Explorer 8 Beta 2


1) Installed Security Suite 2009 and McAfee Security Center. Installation went well and no issues were reported as I followed installation instructions.
2) Opened Security Center and I was looking at a blank screen. The fun began.

Things you should know:

1) McAfee does not support installation with Explorer 8 Beta on your PC
2) All security software from other vendors should be removed from your computer not just shut off and a fresh restart should have taken place prior to installing Security Center
3) You may be able to reinstall your competing security software after Security Center installation. I did but I don't know if it will work for you.
4) This solution can be accomplished by almost any PC literate person but please allow 90 quiet minutes to complete the reinstall given the amount of restarts and issues that may pop up. Just limit frustration Smiley Happy.

1) Uninstall all security software on your PC using the Add/Remove programs screen or any other method you find easier.
2) Go to Microsoft support site and follow uninstall instructions for removing service pack 3 from you PC. It can be reinstalled later. You may be able to access the uninstall from the Add/Remove programs screen. I was not able to so I went to the Microsoft web site and followed the uninstall procedure using the Start-Run command. This was easy if you follow the instructions. You will end up rebooting a couple times.
3) Go to\IE8 website. Find the link for updating IE8 and try this first. If you can update IE8 to the non-beta version great. You're done. Security Center can now be run if installed, or installed and will work. I could not install the updated IE8.
4) Go to add/remove programs and start the IE8 beta uninstall. It may not let you complete the uninstall without adding a file which it will tell you to do. Do it and resume the uninstall of the Beta IE8.
5) Install IE8 from the IE8 website.
6) Reboot and run Security Center or Install Security Center. If you have already installed Security Center there should be no need to reinstall.
7) Go back and reinstall Service Pack 3 if you desire. Test Security Center after installation.
8) Reinstall any desired competing security software. Test each installation before you install the next. Remove any that do not work or cause security center not to work.

1) Many IE8 installations cannot be removed in the future even with XP and without a doubt with Vista or Windows 7. So once you are committed to this process there is no going back to IE7. I don't see a problem with this at this point but it is a bit annoying.
2) Service Pack 3, if you have it, has to be removed before you install a new version of IE8. For some reason it makes removal of the IE8 Beta impossible. Just follow my instructions in order and you should be fine.
3) Security Center uses IE6, IE7 or IE8 so one of those must be installed on your computer even if you use Firefox.
4) I actually used Firefox to reinstall IE8 since IE8 was not functioning correctly from previous attempts to uninstall.

Good luck. Be patient. It's worth it. It's life.
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