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Black Screen of Death (KSOD)(Blank screen)

A16 bios / Vista SPK2 / Home Premium / Dell 1525 Inspirion / They shipped with a Re-install DVD

I use hibernate a lot.  I upgrade McAfee everyday, and windows once a week.  I scan once a month, or every three weeks.  i don't download much from the internet, and I use the Site Advisor.

This week, I canceled the scan--set for saturdays--and when the update finished, I restarted, thinking I would update windows--set to download but don't install--and then maybe scan overnight.  That was 1/5/2010 in the early morning.  First thing after the restart I got a black / blank screen with a mouse cursor in the middle, no welcome, no login.  Only screen I saw before that was microsoft windows load progress bar screen.

For auto fixes, I have done the hardware diagnostics using the Drivers CD--wrong direction!  Then I tried the WinOS reinstall DVD, Startup Repair doesn't work, nor does system restore because none of the restore points are accessible from the X: Administrator...I can't see the logon page in the OS, and I can't edit the OS from the WinOS Reinstall DVD.  The only time CHKDsk activates is when I hold the power button on the ksod.  This system doesn't have F8 for OS Advanced Startup options, but it does for X: Administrator.  Safe Mode gives a ksod before login, too.  Command prompt is the last resort.

I have tried: a) editing the registry HKey_Local_Machine/Software/Microsoft/WindowsNT/CurrentVersion/Winlogon --> Shell (replace value with explorer.exe); b) editing the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet00X\Services\RpcSs --> ObjectName (value is already NT Authority\NetworkService, where ControlSet00X is the current setting; and, c) deleting primary system32/config files and replacing them with the backups.

I can't d) install regenie; or, e) the windows vista sp3 hotfix--not even those updates I was going to install after reboot.  I'm almost certain i disabled remote login long ago, but I'll recheck.  I need a door in, or a registry key that will stop the conflict--which is what i surmise is the case.  Of course, at this point, all my prognosis are out the window.  This is my plan, restart smoking...a good cigarette on a cold day in Cali is better than a second in DLL Hell!  Also, I'm drinking more coffee, and eating more donuts.  I feel like a detective on the cold trail of last year's serial killer.

But u see where I am going, whatever help is online in dialogues that isn't either for Blue Screens (BSOD) or KSOD after logon have these as solutions.  The next is: f) using the registry to change permissions to full control, which I have to find out how to do.

I'm on a reinstalled vista because i downloaded an infected file in september, shortly before re-investing in McAfee.  I have backed up my files as of 1/5/2010 to an external HD, so if I reinstall again its gonna be on a formatted primary boot disk--bye bye safe feeling on this pc, hello macintosh future.

- to show I'm not sorry this is falling into your lap, here's some due dilligence a la intelligencia

online bibliography: - |

i found it, u find it - resolution attemptp (retry) a - resolution attempt (retry) b, c, potential step f , - resolution attempt (retry) d - resolution potential attempt (retry) e

misc fixes incompatible: - i'm not 64 bit, or ultimate 7, I'm vista home premium - 32 bit?

ksod vista mcafee black screen of death blank home premium regristry error

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Re: Black Screen of Death (KSOD)(Blank screen) - is where I tried sfc command and it made me realize that none of the x: administrator changes are being saved - chkdsk even appears to delete the (index entries) of the .bat files I create to deal with copying my files to the External HD!

though I haven't recalled the URL to that first solution, it is referred to in:

i have used sfc /scannow &etc, and they are misleading

Commands at the KSOD don't work (CTRL+ALT+DEL, CTRL+SHIFT+ESC, WIN+R, &etc.), though it does restart and go to CHKDSK once and reopens to the KSOD...after that, I hard shutdown and/or hibernate as I've set

Solutions only, please--this is not a malaise rant

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Re: Black Screen of Death (KSOD)(Blank screen)

ok i will go for this

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Re: Black Screen of Death (KSOD)(Blank screen)

This is an 8 year old thread hence locking it. Kindly note that Windows Vista is EOL by Microsoft although McAfee would provide "Best efforts" troubleshooting. See TS102471