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Best settings for Scan

My scan runs every Friday - it took almost 3 hours - what are the settings for running a check of computer and still have it check my online internet info - or would it be best to run when not on computer - I thought I had quick scan set but I guess not - Thanks for any help!!!!
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RE: Best settings for Scan

Check your online internet info ? I don't know what you mean by that.

Anyway, I just recommend a full scan.

You have the option of having it run in the background, consuming relatively few resources (CPU ?), or run it at full speed. Obviously, the latter is faster, but it is intended for when the computer is not used. I think that the default setting is the background scan.

I don't have an English version of McAfee, so I won't try to explain where/how you can select this. But it's easy to locate.

In SecurityCenter 9.3, Virusscan 13.3 there is an option to shut down the computer after completing a scan (you can see it when the scan is running), but I have never used it. That might not be the best choice when using a SCHEDULED scan ! Maybe your problem is solved by running the scan that way just before you go to bed ?
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