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Back broken by SiteMinder 3.3.1 in Firefox 3.6.16 when using Google search

Whenever the following steps are completed, the browser Back Button,

as well as Back in the context menu, are broken.  This occurs in Firefox 3.6.16

when SiteAdvisor is running:

  1. Enter a search in Google.
  2. Click on any of the search results that are returned.
  3. When I get to the target page, if I go anywhere from that page -
      • Back Button remains greyed out
      • Back context menu item is not active

    It looks like SiteAdvisor is disabling history retention under these circumstances.

    Somewhere out there I ran across a temporary solution - disabling SiteAdvisor. 

    However, I really don't want to do that.  The only other way to work around this

    annoying issue is to copy the link location and paste it into a new tab.

    I'm the one person that I know of who clicked "like" for the only other discussion here that comes close to this - one for Google books.  This may, or may not, be related to that.

    I have no desire to go back to an earlier Firefox release.

    Please work with Google and/or Firefox to resolve this issue.


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