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Automatic scan options

My pal Steve has McAfee also.  While he did not get bit by the svchost 5958 debacle, he has another issue.  Here is his email to me.


The McAffee on my machine updated itself to a new version about last friday. The  other two licenses (on two other computers) didn't do it.
the new  software menu says "to get the update on your network, click help". You click  the link and it takes you to a general help index with

no references on how to  update to the new version.  Don't like this one. The scheduled Sat.  morning scan now scans C and D drive. I don't

need D drive scanned, and there  are no options in the menu to select drives. Took 4 hr to run a scan on both  drives. Guess I can just do a

manual scan, which does have options for what and  how to scan.

So he has a two parter.  I checked and it is very unclear how to update to the new version.  It is just a generic help screen.

He needs guidance to update his other two systems.

On the system that did upgrade, he needs info on how to customize automatic scan.

Any suggestions or instructions on how to customize the automatic scan to his preferences?

If he changes the drives selected for a manual scan, does that change also get set for automatic scan?

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Re: Automatic scan options

I have the same problem but so far nobody has had any ideas....

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