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Anything like Norton Identity safe in this?

I'm a current user of Norton Internet Security 2009 and was considering switching over to McAfee Total Security, and have been giving it a test run.

What I'm curious about is if McAfee has something similar to Norton's Identity Safe, which automatically fills in forms for me when I visit web-sites that I frequent that require log in. I am aware there are 3rd party alternatives, but I would like everything in one place.

I was impressed with the performance of Total Security, but this one thing is stopping me from outright buying it.

If this feature is indeed included, then I am missing it and would appreciate some help finding it.
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RE: Anything like Norton Identity safe in this?

Maybe the privacy service ? There is a section for that on this forum.
But I don't know, I've never used it.
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RE: Anything like Norton Identity safe in this?

Privacy Service a.k.a. Parental Controls can provide identity protection but there isn't anything that fills in forms for you. I use Google Toolbar's Autofill for that.
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