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Anyone know what UDP connections to block as dangerous?

Windows XP, AT&T partner with McAfee.  

In the McAfee box where results of scans are recorded, under Internet & Network, Inbound Events, Details is the following report:  A computer at 188-72-230-30.local hosts has attempted an unsolicited connection to UDP port 53055.  A menu of choices includes "block".    A map shows nothing that can be interpreted, no information.  I first looked up what UDP ports are and found that numbers in the 50000 range are not registered, are private, ephemeral, dynamic.  No clue.  Used Whois and found it located in Germany, so went back and blocked it.  Later I searched the ISP and it is NetDirect whose web site says it is affiliated with McAfee.  I am really confused - if this is a McAfee sanctioned connection why was it placed on the list of potential dangers?   Help!  This is way over my head - don't want to block anything that could be antivirus catching, do want to block a trojan.

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