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Antivirus suite

like another recent poster on this forum my friends computer has become infected with the above rogue antivirus program. i have removed with malwarebytes etc.

he has mcafee securitycenter installed and updated yet it allows this malware to install on his computer – could some one please explain to me why mcafee does not block this?

could we get some advice on how to stop this happening again as not long ago it was another rogue (can't remember name) program.


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Re: Antivirus suite

No antivrus program is 100% full proof against all the different variations of malware and spyware,etc. This stuff can come from anyware that one surfs the internet. It can come in on a pop up ad, it could come in from reading about the local weather, etc. or opening an email attachment. My best recommendation is to keep all security updates from Microsoft current. I beleive they are releasing a bunch of them on April 13th. It is a good idea to have a few other programs at your disposal for dealing with this stuff. Malwarebytes and SuperAntispyware are excellent programs and I have used both for years. There is also a few online scanners that I use occasionally as well. Windows Live One Care Scanner and the Free Eset Online Scanner. Additional information from McAfee can be found by going to the Security Awareness Community.

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