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Anti-Span bar not functioning as it was supposed to be work

Windows XP Professional notebook

MS Office and Outlook 2003 installed.

When Internet Security version 9.0 was up and running in my PC everytime I marked a message using those Outlook McAfee complement bar on the top of my PC to indicated that message is a spam, then the spammer message - when arrives in the internet - moves to McAfee Ant-Spam inbox.

All the time the same sender e-mail address that was marked sends a message it moves directly to the McAfeee Anti-Spam inbox.

Ont the other hand, needless to report that McAfee Security Center 10.5, compile 10.5.194,  is not working!!

The same spammer address message, who was previously selected and choosen to be moved by MS Outlook to the McAfee Anti-spam inbox when arrived, now goes to my main inbox!!!

Funny is that my MS Outlook software shows the active McAfee bar, side-by-side the MS Outlook bar  - . you can see in the file bellow but in MS Outlook   "Help menu" and in its "About area " looks like that McAfee is not listed among disabled itens and the bar is around!

But it was working ....

I will be very glad if you have a carefull look about this matter.Thanks in advance!

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