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One of the websites that I use requires a security question and answer on an occasional basis. However, on my home computer, I must answer the question everyday (at work, I never have to answer the question). When I inquired why, they indicated that I'm running an "anonymizer" which I understand for stealth internet surfing. However, I do not ever remember installing any software that does this.

Is this part of McAfee and if so, how do I get rid of it? I also tested ZoneAlarm at one point and ran Norton for years. I never recall the issue in Norton; I don't know about ZoneAlarm. Is there a way to tell what the anonymizer program is or where it might be hiding?

Any help is appreciated.

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RE: Anonymizer

Its not a McAfee software but they do partner with McAfee to sell the product to interested parties..
it is not sold /installed/supported/download able on McAfee....

Perhaps this website might help
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RE: Anonymizer

I appreciate the response, but it doesn't appear to the be issue. I am having this problem on all computers I have on my home network, and have never installed the anonymizer program. The common thread on these computers is:

1. Network hardware
2. ISP
3. McAfee Total Security currently installed
4. Norton Internet Security previously installed
5. Anonymizer or other stealth surfing software never installed

I have taken care of testing #1 in that I disconnected my computer from the network and connected it directly to my ISP. The same issue occurs. I did a check to see how my computer is recognized on the internet, and it is showing the same IP Address that I'm reading on my WAN connection and it is reporting no detectable proxy servers. I'm following up on #2 with my ISP.

That leaves #3 or #4, or an issue with the website I'm using. To my knowledge, I've removed all traces of Norton from all of my computers, using the Norton removal tool, but I am going to follow up with Norton.

I really am thinking that my issue is either McAfee (in fact one of the computers I'm using has only had this version of McAfee installed on it -- never Norton). Does anyone know if there is some feature of McAfee Total Security that might emulate some sort of proxy server or anonymous surfing program?

Thanks again.

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RE: Anonymizer

Some browsers also can hide user information from websites.

Have you tried visiting the website in question with IE? If so, do you have any plug-ins / add-ins installed for IE?
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