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Level 7

After the update today.........

And rebooting my computer, my Security Center decided it wasn't going to protect me anymore. No matter what I do, no fix will enable protection for my computer and files as well as e-mail and IM protection. This is the log created when I ran Virtual Technician, Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Log below:

Product Name : VirusScan - 3-User McAfee Total Protection
Product Version : 13.3.127
Language : en-us
Partner : McAfee
Account ID : 164405071
Health Check Details
Registry OK
File OK
Process OK
Service 1 service(s) incorrect
Expected Service State Incorrect
Expected : running
Existing : paused
Service: McShield C:\PROGRA~1\McAfee\VIRUSS~1\mcshield.exe

DAT and Engine OK
Top Issues OK

Red type is where the problem lies. Thank you in advance.

I just rebooted my computer again and the issue seems to have been resolved....................whew!
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Level 11

RE: After the update today.........

Glad you are ok now.. It seems there was a bad DAT push for a few people that was auto corrected :rolleyes:
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