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After nearly 10 years, I walk away from this software

Hello, first, and last, time poster here.

Rarely will I take the time to go through a multistep login process simply to trash a software, but never have I had an experience this utterly rotten. For 10 years I have supported McAfee, and convinced others to buy into it. I was loyal, and dealt with the issues that would occassionally crop up. But over the last week, I have had countless blue screens and crashes no matter what I tried. And all of them since the most recent update of the software.

When Intel bought McAfee, I was concerned. Their experience in the realm of software is limited and their successes not exactly great. But over the last 2 years, I was pleasantly surprised that the software operated pretty much as it had always done, quietly working away, never causing me issues or complaints, with only the occassional firewall permissions issue ever cropping up.

However, that all changed at the start of this week. When the new updates began rolling down, the software has repeatedly corrupted on each subsequent update. I have uninstalled and cleaned and reinstalled. I have done every tip possible. And what started as something that maxed my processor out at 100% has become something causing blue screens now.

There was worse though. I now see there is a deceptive bit of new software "helping" me by scanning to see if I need to update this or that software. It now "helps" me when I try to convert the music files I create by blocking and scanning as they convert, jamming the softwares I use. It now "helps" by crashing my video creation software. In short, the beast now lives in all the corners of my PC doing exactly what I faulted Norton's on doing: commandeering my PC to run itself.

I am fed up. Sick of it. Done. 10 years of subscriptions for three PCs, even back when the subscriptions were per PC. 10 years of reccommendations to co-workers and other IT professionals. 10 years of good will pissed away by poor design and implementation.

I will not "wait" for a fix. I will take my business elsewhere. This form of feature creep is not something I want or need.

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Re: After nearly 10 years, I walk away from this software

On behalf of the Moderators and McAfee thank you for your support in the past and good luck with your endeavours in the future.

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