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Afetr Installing Security Centre 10 no wireless networks are listed for selection

McAfee Security Centre Version 10, Build 10.0.580 installed on Windows XP SP2

To complete the automatic installation a re-boot had to be done. Since then, when attempting to browse for a wireless network there is a very long delay in the Wireless Networks dialog appearing only to find that when it does eventually appear no networks are listed for selection.

Use of another PC without McAfee installed confirms presence. listing and availability of wireless networks.

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Re: Afetr Installing Security Centre 10 no wireless networks are listed for selection

I had a similar problem yesterday. My issue was in regards to v10.0 upgrade no longer supported an old tool (McAfee Wireless Network Security). The only way to remove the old tool was to completely uninstall McAfee Total Protection, then run the McAfee tool MCPR to remove all McAfee components. After doing so, all of my network adapters were unavailable. As a result, I could not get to the internet to re-install McAfee Total Protection. After 5 supports "chats" with incompetant McAfee technicians, obviously located in India or Pakistan, the issue still was not resolved. The technicians all suggested that I contact my Internet Service Provider to restore connectivity, then call back for support re-installing. They all "claimed" that the issue with connectivity was obviously not due to McAfee products since I uninstalled them. They were no help at all. Not surprising.

Finally, after much research and lots of wasted time, I found the issue.

In both my Wireless and cable Network Adapter properties (Control Panel/Network Connections) there was a driver listed called MWL Filter. It was checked, thus not allowing recognition of any adapters (even though McAfee Wireless Network Security had been uninstalled, the driver was still installed and checked). Once I unchecked this box in properties, all my connectivity reappeared.

MWL is described in the documentation for McAfee Wireless Home Network document (MWL_UserGuide_2006.pdf). So, after all, it ***WAS*** a McAfee issue that was preventing me to access my network after all.

Not sure if this is the same as your issue, but let it be known that this is indeed a McAfee uninstallation issue where wireless networks are involved. The tech support staff at McAfee are a bunch of idiots that are in severe need of more training. Again, not surprising when outsourcing support to foreign countries for the cheapest possible cost.

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Re: After Installing Security Centre 10 no wireless networks are listed for selection

Thanks for the information Michael90501

I've since got Windows to manage the wireless network connection and that has enabled this reply from the McAfee-installed PC.

In looking elsewhere in this community forum I've noticed that I've probably posted my query in the wrong place. I also note from finding and reading someone else's post on the same subject in the Home Network Defence > Wireless Home Network Security section that it appears that McAfee Wireless Home Network Manager has been discontinued and, as you say, remnants of it have been left behind.

This was the other thread:

I'm very grateful for the advice given by yourself and others on this subject. When I feel brave and have time on my hands I'll have a go at fixing it.In my experience nothing ever goes smoothly with this type of thing.


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