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Admin - standard user question

I'm not sure if this is in the right section, so appologies if not.

I have secuirty center 10.5

I have a few questions is it  normal if:

1, I run an on demand scan in a standard user account it only detectss the cookies etc from that user? (as opposed to a scan in admin which detects the cookies from all users) 

2, If you are logged into a standard account - the scheduled scan starts in the admin account BUT there is no indication that a scan is running both in the notification area or in the secuirity centre of the standard account (you only find out if you log into the admin account).

3  Finally (not sure if this should be in MVT):  If you run MVT (straight frrom the site) in the admin account,  it finds MVT (that is showing in programs) updates and runs - but if you run from a standard user it says it can not find MVT on your system and prompts you to download it. If this is normal is it ok to keep installing it ( I'm a bit of a novice ,but i thought if you installed things on top of another it causes problems).


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Re: Admin - standard user question

Sorry, missed this when it came in.

1. Yes, quite normal. That's how user-privilege operations are supposed to work.

2. Really? I would have thought the notification would have been propagated to the active account, at least. It's not something I've seen, but I spend far too much time in the admin account.

3. Hmm. Either this is because by default MVT puts its log and data files into the admin-level user section, or that the first time you installed it you were using the admin account. It shouldn't matter much, since the operating files all get put into c:\program files (or c:\program data, depending on your OS). Installing on top of an existing setup shouldn't cause any problems, since if there's an existing version the new one will do a quiet uninstall before it installs. If you want to be sure, you can always remove MVT using Add/Remove Programs and let it do a fresh install. And one thing I noted last time I used it is that MVT auto-updated itself before running. I don't think it used to do that, but it does now.

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Re: Admin - standard user question

Thanks, it was bugging me - I could nt remember if it had always done it and since I started having the other problems (MVT, Real time scanning not detecting cookies) I was noticing everything and wondering if they were connected.

So you have put my mind at rest.

Thanks again

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