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Add IP to Block

After updating to the latest FireFox, there is 1 outgoing IP that something continuously tries to access. McAfee blocks of course but I constantly get that message in my browser. It is identified as FireFox, but it may not be.

The IP is

The ports keep changing but the IP alway stays the same.

Question - How do I add this IP to a table so it is blocked?

I went deep into the "bowels" of wondrous McAfee, and after telling me how great it is, I cannot find a menu location where I can add IP's to block?


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Level 21

Re: Add IP to Block may help you track down the app trying to open this site.

netstat -a

will tell you what apps are using what connections.

As to how to block an IP - it depends on what product you are using?

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Re: Add IP to Block

With the home product you can block an IP if you wish in the Firewall.   Open SecurityCenter, click Web & Email Protection then Firewall, then My Network Connections and add it there and use the Blocked option in the drop-down menu.

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