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Access denied msconfig when removing startup programs....

Hi all,

Am trying to stop several programs being loaded in start up. No way to do it from within the programs themselves so was tring to do it via msconfig. When I attempt to apply changes I get an "Access Denied" message - despite being system administrator.

I understand this has been a problem for sometime - have read several previous posts on the subject which explain that despite recieving Access Denied messages changes will still go through.

However, I've found that once I have made changes windows will only let me run with Selective startup - if I try to return to Normal Startup it resets changes.

Is there no way I can log these changes permanently and be able to go back to the normal start up process?

Or have I missed the point (the Access denied messages are irrelevent) and if I uncheck programs on list this means I will always be running with a selective start up?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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RE: Access denied msconfig when removing startup programs....

Selective Startup is EXACTLY that. It's selective.. "Normal Startup" means no changes have been made. If you make changes to the "Startup" tab in msconfig, you must leave the Selective startup option enabled.. If you do so, the changes will stick.. If you go back to "Normal Startup", they will all go back to their default settings.. order to do what you want, make the changes in msconfig, then leave the "Selective Startup" option as it is.

Hope this helps.

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