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AOL conflict

Hi there, 1st time caller.

My father-in-law has McAfee installed on his computer:

Security Center 9.3
Virus Scan 13.3
Firewall 10.3
Site Advisor 2.9

He loves his AOL (Version 9.0 optimized SE) and will not go away from it.

Anyway, he was having difficulty logging on to AOL right after he installed the before mentioned McAfee program. What would happen is that he would click to logon on, the logon process would begin and then usually times out when it is trying to verify password.

The only workaround (without completely uninstalling McAfee) that we found to solve this problem is by DISABLING the SYSTEM GUARD. Now everything works great again!

However, Disabling the System Guard does not sound safe to me. Is there an alternate solution other than buying a different anti-virus program? IS it okay to run without the System Guard?

Appreciate any and all feedback!

thank you,
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RE: AOL conflict

This is a happy news, you can be happy that the McAfee System Guard is doing the job.

Cause of the issue.

This happens when you have too many sites listed in the restricted sites list of InternetExplorer, which may contain some aol websites. When you connect to AOL9.0 or aol browser, it tries to access the aol websites which may listed in the Restricted sites list. System guard will stop AOL from accessing that website resulting in this trouble.


If you have IE-8/IE-7 - reset the IE or clear all the sites restrcited sites list.

IE-6 -clear all the sites restrcited sites list.

Post back with the results.
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RE: AOL conflict

Thank you Luke. I will be at my father-in-laws next week so I will give it a try and post back with the results...

Thanx again!
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