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“The installed Virus Scanner is currently unavailable”.


we recently installed McAfee Security for MS Sharepoint (PortalShield) on our Server Farm Front/Ends.

Via Central Admin we checked "Scan documents on Upload"

While we're having no issues with two of the three servers we getting problems with one.


2 x WFE Sharepoint 2010 Build 14.0.6114.5001

1 x Application Server Sharepoint 2010 Build 14.0.6114.5001

(The above servers are Load balanced with H/W Load Balancer)

1 x SQL Srv. 2008 R2

Portalshield pushed via ePO

Product Name:McAfee Security for Microsoft SharePoint

Product Version:2.5.345.112

Service Pack:None


The PortalShield installion was done in July 2012. The problem raised on Server 2 around 4 weeks after install.

We uninstalled PortalShield from Server 2 and then did a fresh installation on Dec. 2012.

This worked for 2,5 weeks and today, we're getting the same trouble when trying to upload files while "Scan on Upload" is checked.

As soon as any kind of document (even simple .txt) is getting uploaded user gets “The installed Virus Scanner is currently unavailable”.

Server 1 doesn't show any issues.

The ULS Log file doesn't show much: #96000c: scanner timeout - DCC\USERID - /sites/McAfeeSecForSP/Shared Documents/FILEName.txt

Eventlog log doesn't show an error.

Any ideas what this is caused by ? Could the load balancer play a bad trick here?

I appreciated your tips to what I should look and search for.

Thx in advance.

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Re: “The installed Virus Scanner is currently unavailable”.

We had similar issue to both of our SharePoint servers today.  We had to reboot them in order to resolve.  Does anybody have any advice on better way to resolve than reboot servers (during business hours), thanks

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Level 13

Re: “The installed Virus Scanner is currently unavailable”.

make sure to get msms 3.0 with hf 941583 installed.  that should address the issue you are seeing.

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Re: “The installed Virus Scanner is currently unavailable”.

We had the same issue with MSMS 3.0.

Problem was, the software was installed with EPO. You must not install with EPO. MSMS must be installed with a user who has full access rights on Sharepoint Portal Server.

Oherwise the GUI shows always "not connected"



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