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Testing the on-demand scan -

Testing the on-demand scan

1 Delete any EICAR file if present in the document store, then upload a new EICAR file.

2 Schedule an on-demand scan to run immediately for that document store (using the Run Now option).

The McAfee Security for Microsoft SharePoint software displays an alert that the EICAR test file was

found (as per the default on-demand policy setting Replace item with an alert).

3 View the scan results in McAfee Security for Microsoft SharePoint dashboard; Statistics counter will

be incremented. For details, see the Recently Scanned Items section. It will have an entry with a red icon.

My question: When I test  EICAR on Demand  McAfee detect the EICAR and clean it and when I go to "Recently Scanned Items section" no red icon only green icons

I tried also to configure the master policy - on Demand  (uncheck  Attempt to clean any detected virus or trojan) but the same thing McAfee detect the EICAR file and clean it.Why I want to replace it with alert

In addition (Delete the file" EICAR from SharePoint " when you have finished testing your installation to avoid alarming unsuspecting users) what that mean how McAfee alarming me ( Is it alarm message )

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