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Rollback DAT

What is the best method to rollback a DAT for MSMS 3.0? Replacing the DAT in the Master repository from the previous branch worked for VSE, but not for MSMS. How can we also edit the time that MSMS DAT Updates occur (cannot find it in the policy?)

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Re: Rollback DAT

if you open the msms gui you will see a Versions & Updates section with 'edit Schedule' link under the update now button.  click the link to change the update schedule for the local update task.  you can set it to not scheduled.  the updates will then occur through the mcafee agent update task.

easiest way to roll back the dats is to go to the server that has msms installed, stop the msms service

open regedit to hklm\software\wow6432node\mcafee\mcafee portalshield\systemstate

set the datversion reg value to the previous dat that is listing in the msmsinstalldir\bin\dats folder


msmsinstalldir\bin\dats folder contains following folders





systemstate reg key

datversion 7243.0000

set value to 7242.0000

in the dat folder delete the 7243.0000 folder

restart msms

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