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MSMS 2.5 doesn't connect to the SQL database

Dear All,

I have deployed McAfee securityfor SharePoint 2.5  via EPO 4.6 on aSharePoint 2010 Farm with the SharePoint farm admin user. The database is locatedon a SQL cluster the SharePoint Farm admin is on both local admin group.

I didn’t receive any erroron installation, I can see my SP server running with:

McAfee Agent 

Version number:


Last security update check:7/1/2011 4:04:43 AM

Last agent-to-servercommunication: 7/1/2011 4:55:03 AM

Agent to ServerCommunication Interval (every): 1 hour

Policy Enforcement Interval(every): 5 minutes

ePO Server/AgentHandler 



Port Number: 443

McAfee Security for Microsoft SharePoint 

Version number: 2.5.0

Language: English (UnitedStates)

Virus Definitions 

     Version: 6393.0000

     Install Date: 7/1/2011 4:02:37 AM

     Created On: 06302011

Scan Engine 

     Version: 5400.1158

     Install Date: 2011-07-01T07:53:32

McAfee VirusScan Enterprise + AntiSpywareEnterprise 

Version number: 8.8.0(

Build date: 1/12/2011

Anti-virus License Type: licensed

Scan engine version(32-bit): 5400.1158

Scan engine version(64-bit): 5400.1158

DAT version: 6393.0000

DAT Created on: 6/30/2011

If I go to the local serverconsole MSMS (Mozilla UI) -> New Scan -> What To scan then try to expandthe All Work Spaces folder I don’t see any result.. and my windows logs reportthe below error:

SQL Database 'XXXX' on SQLServer instance 'XXXXXX\XXXXXXX,1433' not found. Additional error informationfrom SQL Server is included below.

Cannot open database "XXXXXX"requested by the login. The login failed.

Login failed for user 'XXXXXX\COMPUTERNAME$'.

Why it’s using theCOMPUTER$ account to connect to the database and not the SharePoint farm adminused at the installation?

We have tried to set theaccount again with the command: SetSQLAct.exe /USER= XXXXXXX /PASSWORD=XXXXXXX /DOMAIN=XXXXXX

Then restart the McAfeeservices  but no luck still the sameerror.

Anyone have an Idea?


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Re: MSMS 2.5 doesn't connect to the SQL database

Hi Catherine,

This one got me initially as well.

In my installation, I had to create a local account on the server called with the same name and password as the SQL account. The account also needed to be a member of the "WSS_Admin_WPG" & "IIS_IUSRS" groups.

When setting up the section with the Database Account during the install, use the local account which was previously created. (ie <local_server>\SQLAccount)

Hopefully it should connect.

The other thing to do after install is launch "MSMS Access Control" and add the above account with "Allow Access".

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Re: MSMS 2.5 doesn't connect to the SQL database

Dear Katalyst.,

I have tested your solution and unfortunatlely it doesn't event pass the deployement but anyway it's not a manageable solution for us we have over 65 different  SharePoint Farms we don't want to manually configure each servers to create local accounts.


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