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MSMS 2.5 Task not running

I'm getting set to deploy my first MSMS 2.5 install. I have the package checked into the server (EPO 4.5 P3) and running agent 4.5.1852 as well as teh extensions for 2.5 installed. I am attempting to deploy to a server 2008R2 box which for some reason will not show as managed even though it received the agent and VS 8.8 install. And that brings me to my problem. I looked at the agent log via the server, and it shows all of the other tasks EXCEPT for the MSMS 2.5 install task. I created it just as I did for 2.0 and any other package I deploy but I'm not seeing the entry in the log file.  The repository shows it available as an install and the extensions are shown properly. Is there something I am missing here as to why this server won't show as managed, and also why it gets my other tasks just not the main one I need?

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