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qryExecuteGrouped API

I'm trying to perform a grouped query using the REST API, for example I would like to fetch the amount of events with a certain source IP

The query I'm using is:



        "config": {

            "timeRange": "LAST_HOUR",

            "fields": [{"name": "SrcIP"}],

            "filters": [{

                'values': [{

                    'value': "",

                    'type': 'EsmBasicValue'


                'type': 'EsmFieldFilter',

                'operator': 'EQUALS',

                'field': {'name': 'SrcIP'}}]


However, the response is a filter error

Error executing query, filterString=Alert.LastTime[$Last,?Hour,DV,DV]#Alert.SrcIP[] (ERROR_InvalidFilter (228))

Does anyone knows what the issue could be?

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