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ePO access from McAfee ESM starting in 9.1.3

The ESM verion 9.1.3 Launch ePO option allows you to move from seamlessly from the ESM interface to the ePO interface. In order for this option to be available on your system, do the following:

*This feature will with ePO version 4.6.

  • In Network Discovery, set Homenet to the events on which you want to launch ePO (see Homenet in Network Discovery section of the on-line help).
  • Add at least one ePO data source to one of the Receivers on the system (see Add a Data Source in the on-line help).

Once the pre-requisites are met, do the following to launch the ePO interface:

  • On the bar, list, pie, graph or table component of a view, select the Source IP or Destination IP field.
  • On the component's menu (1-MenuIcon), click Action > Launch ePO. One of the following will occur:
    • If you only have one ePO device on the system and you selected a source IP or destination IP in Step 1, ePO will launch
    • If you have more than one ePO device on the system, you will be asked to select the device you want to access, then ePO will launch.
    • If you selected an event on a table component in Step 1, you will be asked to select whether you want to access the source IP or destination IP address, then ePO will launch

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