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Which one is right choise?

Hi folks,

We are looking for the SIEM solutions and also we have examined a lot of products until now such as Arcsight ESM, QRadar, RSA SA. However, among these products most we've loved from McAfee ESM solution Our aim is make a strong  Security Incident Response Team. Log collecting and store  them as well as we would like to as security-centric analyze them too. At this point our mind were confused about choice of the ESM hardware. For example, we see that when we analyze our IT assets we understand that we need to ETM-X4-like an appliance solutions. However, when we ask to our local reseller for our appliance requirements, they said that "ETM-5600 will meet your needs" . I would appreciate it if you could send us more detailed information about SIEM appliances for right choise.

Best Regards