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Watchlists - Obtaining Geo Location from ASN

I have a watchlist that is meant to be used in blacklisting certain countries. However, this list is in "ASN" format, and I have quite a large list to convert.

Is anyone aware of a way to convert ASN to a country location? Ideally, if anyone knows a script to do this for about a hundred values. 

Sample number: 



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Re: Watchlists - Obtaining Geo Location from ASN

There are ways to get the data back from the API, but if you strickly want to use the GUI, with some manual work. You can do the following;

Open the filter pane and place "1170940301162840064/22" in the ASN/Geo Dest IP field, then hit the filter icon to the right. The menu will pop-up with Afghanistan selected.

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