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WMI issue

Has anyone seen this issue where where you have two system profiles for Windows Data Sources, one is used for Servers in one location and the other profile is used for Servers in another location.  The issue is even though I have the second System profile (ID 2) configured for the WMI data source it keeps using the other System Profile (ID#1). Basically I have it configured to use ID #2 and it tries to login using ID #1

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Re: WMI issue

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Re: WMI issue


Make sure you write the changes on the Receivers and rollout policies. This should fix the issue.

Re: WMI issue

This ended up being a permissions issue even though the ID was in the Administrator group.  What threw us off was originally I used ID#1, changed the Data Source config to use ID#2.  The Firewall for some reason held on to the first ID in it's database.  So when I looked in the Firewall logs I sene ID#1 trying to login to the Server.  Once I did a tcpdump I saw that ID#2 was actually trying to login.  I asked the Server guys if I could try the admin ID, then it worked.