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WMI Event Log test connection unsuccessful

Hi everybody.

1) ESM and Windows10 on VM.

2) Both on the same network.

3) Windows10 have turned off firewall.

4) On Windows10 I gave all permission to user which I trying to use in ESM to add new data source.

5) My user already was in admin groups, but I still gave all permissions.


First I got error "The user does not have the correct permissions. The UAC or WMI setting may need to change."

After some fix I got "The WMI query service is not responding correctly"

And after some fix I got "The provided eventlog source was not found (Security [does the user have admin privileges?])"


I gave up. How to troubleshoot it? What I miss?

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Re: WMI Event Log test connection unsuccessful

Okay, it's seems that all works, but I can select only "Internet Explorer" in "Get Logs". What should I do to add SYSTEM, SECURITY?

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