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Time Delta

Does anyone know of a way to get the Time Delta reports automated? I know you can manually go in and click on the time delta button and export the report but im seeing if you can maybe make a report to have it send the output daily? Or a script?

Thanks for anyhelp on this.

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Re: Time Delta

Hi John

Bumping your post. We have a similar question. I hope one of the Intel/Mcafee Moderators could perhaps answer this.

How to you create automated reports for systems that haven't logged to SIEM in X ? On the ESM you can export the "Last Event Time" manually. On the receivers you can look at the Time Delta component.

Maybe anybody else on the forum know some way around this?



Re: Time Delta

This is probably not exactly what you are looking for but here is what I have. I don't currently have a report running but what I have set up is an alarm that runs every 4 hours for devices that have a time delta exceeding 1 hour. Once you have the alarm setup, generating a report shouldn't be to much of a hassle. I just haven't done it yet. Hopefully this helps.